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Have you met us at the Freshman’s camp or at the university? Do you wan to know more about us and about the application process?

Come to our info night, where you are guaranteed to get all your questions answered. Find out more about our Talent Program and about our career path opportunities!

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I am interested, but what do you do actually? 

We organise different trainings, courses and presentations about topics that later can be used on practical projects in order to gain expertise in real labour market situation. 

How will it fit into my academic schedule?

Imagine it like 2-3 extra academic lectures which is aimed for your professional development. 

It is your choice whether you apply or not, but if you decided to join our association, take it seriously. You can gain as much as you invest in it. 

So, is it all about professional lectures? 

Of course not, because who would like to work alone in a cold environment? 

There are many social events organised, where our members can either do some sports or play board games together or say cheers to each other’s success.  

Do you have any questions?

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BITizens told about us

I applied as a first-year business informatics student and after half year I already felt like it had been all worth it. I never thought a community can be so cohesive in every area. I never thought I will be project manager in my first year, what is more, it was hard to believe that I would enjoy that. In addition, I have met people I can look up to. I also have a mentor and whenever I have a question I know I can contact him

Norbi Salavecz

A smart person once told me that there are three ways you can spend your college years useful. Join a professional community (student organization, a college for advanced studies), take part in competitions regarding your studies, spend at least one semester in a foreign country. If you are motivated enough, in Business IT Club – Corvinus you can fulfill all of these things, plus a fourth one: you can make friends with lots of kind, good people.

Ferenc Baráth

I can safely say that one of the best things during my collage years is to be a BITizen. Not only does the endless professional opportunity make my BIT Club years special, but also the community, the family and what the students’ association creates. I have only been a member of the organization for a year and half, but I already feel how much I have developed both professionally and personally thanks to BIT Club.

Ágota Ékes

It’s like having a second family! I can always count on the members of the BIT Club, they help and support me, laugh with me. They make sure that I’m never bored, we often chill together. It feels awesome being part of the BIT Club community!

Enikő Krén